- Lake Louise (1.5hr Stay) 

- Moraine Lake (1hr Stay) 

- Emerald Lake (Lunch At Mount Burgess Dining Room) 

- Lake O’Hara (1 Hour Stay)





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Turquoise Dream 2
Turquoise Dream 2

DURATION 12 Hours 

CAPACITY 6 Guests  


Even after spending just one day in the mountains, you will feel rested and relaxed. This way of spending time in the middle of nature does not compare with a picnic or a trip to a foreign resort. If you merge with nature, you will embrace and become part of it, you'll enhance your physical and spiritual health, while enriching your body with the purest oxygen. Vitality, a boost of energy, fresh air, working out your muscles actively  – this is a complete list of benefits that you get only when you for a Hike in the mountains. Even being far away from civilization, you can make new friends who are also interested in Hiking, camping and exploring, who ditch away the time spent in hotel rooms and choose to be instead in the middle of the nature. You will also learn a thing or two, get to hear the legends of the places you pass, which are true revelations sometimes. There is nothing more valuable than a practical experience, so Hiking in the mountains has become nowadays a truly popular way of enhancing health and enriching lives.