Tour Guidance

Our Tour App is the perfect personal tour guide that will give you the opportunity to explore and discover the Canadian Rockies to its fullest. Our Tour App is designed to let you take control of your tour the moment you arrive in our vehicle. Our goal is for you to explore your tour site on our 3D Satellite Tour and discover your destinations’ adventurous trails, hidden passages and experience our Geological Tour before arriving at your tour sight.

Virtual Tours

Experience the majestic Canadian Rockies through our 3D Satellite Tour. Explore the many hidden glaciers, lakes and passages that lie beyond your tour site. Our 3D Satellite Tour will give you the best experience of the magnitude of the greatness, that lie in the Canadian Rockies. 

Explore and discover the diverse wild life that lives in the Canadian Rockies. Our Tour App is exploding with amazing facts and information about the wild life that reside in these mountains, and how to safely interact with them if encountered.


Let us take you back 250 million years to a time when both Alberta and British Columbia were similar to Baja California. Humans were non existent and dinosaurs ruled these lands. A time when the oil sands we know today was beach sand and fast forward to today on our Geology Tour. Our Geology Tour is loaded with geological audio and video tours that will take you on a journey through time and let you explore the geological history of these majestic Canadian Rockies. Discover the natural phenomenon that resulted in one of the most breath taking sceneries in the world on our Geology Tour.

Learn And Explore

Explore and discover the dinosaurs that once roamed these lands over the period of 250 million years on our Dinosaurs Of The Canadian Rockies Tour. The Little Explorers section of the App is designed for the young kids to explore and discover the Canadian Rockies through Games and Scavenger Hunts. It is loaded with great activities that the whole family can enjoy and participate in.

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